DIscount Auto Service

Discount Auto Service in Albuquerque

We Know How Important it is to Trust Your Mechanic. That’s Why We Offer Expert Service at Affordable Rates.

Good vehicle maintenance is crucial to keep you rolling. When choosing a Qualified Service Center for your car, trust is everything.

At ReCARnation, we offer high quality maintenance and repairs — without breaking the bank. Unlike shops that charge high hourly rates based on their own estimates, we are completely transparent with both our process and our pricing. We’ll always tell it to you “straight”, so you know where you’re at every step of the way.  It’s the way we roll, and how we help keep you rolling.

Our 18,000 square foot Service Center is staffed with expert, trained technicians in every make and model in the market. 

Our loyal customers at ReCARnation are rolling in the safest, most reliable and mechanically sound vehicles found in the pre-owned automotive market.  That’s because we LIFEXTEND™ Certify every vehicle we sell, rent or service.

And, we offer our signature LIFEXTEND™ SERVICE to vehicle owners who want to completely restore the vehicle they love… like new –  even if you didn’t buy it from us!

We know that some repairs can be expensive and we can help you finance your auto repair. Our Discount Auto Service rates are about a third less than our competitors

discount auto service

discount auto service in albuquerque