Why LifeXtend™?

Better for the Environment.

It’s a fact that the total cost to the environment is much lower when you LifeXtend™ a vehicle that has already been manufactured as compared to the cost to manufacture a new vehicle. Many people feel that electric cars are an exception.  But, the cost of making batteries and then disposing of them is far greater than extending the life of an existing vehicle.

Better for Your Budget.

Because it’s our mission to keep you rolling, reCARnation® will LifeXtend™ your vehicle at a investment/cost that is both reasonable and affordable.  This means that you’ll be rolling in your current vehicle much longer – extracting the maximum economic value from your car for many future miles to come.

Safer and Smarter.

After driving your vehicle 90,000 or 130,000 miles or more, a  full LifeXtend™ restoration is a smart way to keep your vehicle safe, more efficient and more reliable on the road.