LifeXtend Keeps You Rolling

LifeXtend™ Keeps You Rolling

When you buy a used car, you are buying two things:

Unused Miles and Unknown Problems

Our mission at ReCARnation®, and we’re very good at it, is to MAXIMIZE the number of Unused Miles, and MINIMIZE the number of Unknown Problems.  We acquire our inventory the same way that every other car store in town does: trade-ins, wholesalers, auctions, private sellers, etc…

inspectingFrom that point forward, however, we take a different path.  A typical auto dealer will inspect a newly acquired vehicle and determine the absolute minimum that has to be invested in it to make it meet safety standards and
do well on a test drive.

At ReCARnation®  we LifeXtend™ Certify every car we touch.  Our 72 point inspection process identifies all the systems, parts and components that need to be serviced or replaced. The result is a fully reconditioned vehicle… like new!

The LifeXtend™ process is so comprehensive that many people find it hard to believe, so every vehicle listing on our website includes a copy of the shop invoice, which documents in detail everything that has been done.  And just in case we missed anything, a 3 month/3000 mile limited warranty comes with every vehicle!