Let Us Find Your Dream Car

We Know What a Hassle Finding the Right Car Can Be. That’s Why We Offer Personal Shopping.

One of the biggest frustrations of purchasing a used vehicle is that it is often very difficult to find exactly what you want.  You can waste tons of time driving between lots, searching the internet and still risk getting a lemon.  At ReCARnation, we have solved that headache by offering our Personal Shopping Service.  Not only do you get the vehicle that you want, but you also have our TOTAL TRANSPARENCY GUARANTEE.

You will know exactly what we paid for the vehicle and what it cost to prepare for sale, plus an agreed profit.

Our process is simple.  We first work with you to define the vehicle that best meets your needs, then ReCARnation’s acquisition team swings into action, utilizing our national network of auctions, wholesalers and dealers.  Just tell us what you’re looking for…your desired make, model, mileage and budget.  We’ll take it from there.  We are experts at locating specific vehicles, having found our clients everything from racing Mazdas to luxurious Mercedes.

Once we have acquired your vehicle, we will perform our signature LifeXtend™ Service. That means our expert technicians will perform a full-tune-up, new tires, new brakes, new timing belt, new battery, fresh paint and more than 72 other points so your vehicle is safe, reliable and beautiful.

We’ll show you exactly what we did to the car during our LifeXtend™ Service process, so you know exactly what you’re buying.  Finally, we add only $1000 profit to your sales price.  You can finance your purchase with us, or choose your own financing source. That’s entirely up to you.

Order your dream car today!  To get started, please fill out the form below.  One of our talented Transportation Consultants will be in touch with you very soon.