Quality used cars in Albuquerque.

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We Know How Much Your Car Means To You. That’s Why it Means So Much To Us.  dealer of the year Quality used cars in Albuquerque.

Your car is more than a way to get from here to there, it’s your ticket to living life to its fullest. Imagine life in New Mexico without one!  You deserve a transportation partner that can put you behind the wheel of a safe, reliable and beautiful reconditioned pre-owned car, AND help you keep it in tip-top shape for the long haul.  Once you join the ReCARnation family, you’ll get a lifetime of care and support from folks who understand. Quality used cars in Albuquerque.

We’re Here To Keep You Rolling.

Only ReCARnation offers you LifeXtend™ Certified vehicles  your vehicle, and then help you keep it in tip-top shape.  We’re here to keep you rolling and keep your life moving forward.  Because we know how important your car is to you, we do everything it takes to keep you rolling.  Our goal is to help you find the right reconditioned used vehicle at a price and terms you can afford.  ReCARnation’s world-class mechanics make our discount auto repair shop the best in town, at rates well below market.  We even offer financing on auto repairs!  Our vehicle rental division can help you out with safe, reliable, reasonably priced car rentals.  ReCARnation’s  low interest title loans will save you up to 300% compared to other title loans.  Whatever your vehicle requirements, ReCARnation has what you need, at prices that will keep you rolling without crushing your budget.  Because we know just how important your car is to you.

Great Values From A Dealer That Shares Your Values.

Lots of folks would like to sell you a used car, but do they have a sincere interest in your long term success?  We care about you, not making a sale. ReCARnation invests a significant amount into every car before we sell, so you don’t have to after you buy. We are fully committed to your success.  That means not only putting you in a safe, reliable, beautiful car, but creating a financing structure with a monthly payment you can afford.  A loan that goes on forever is never a good idea.  We’re all about designing a loan that you can successfully pay off in a reasonable amount of time.

A LifeXtend™ Certified Vehicle from ReCARnation is Smarter for Your Budget and Better for the Environment.

If you think buying a fuel-efficient new car, even a hybrid, is better for the environment, you’re wrong. The truth is, buying a LifeXtend™ Certified vehicle from us is the best environmental decision you can make.  New cars use new resources to build them, take additional energy to make them, move them and sell them to you.  Our LifeXtend™ process means we keep you rolling efficiently and safely for miles and miles and miles so you get the most out of your vehicle. Buying yourself a great pre-owned, LifeXtend™ Certified vehicle from ReCARnation is also one of the greenest things you can do. You get a fully reconditioned vehicle, you ‘re recycling materials and you enjoy the ultimate form of sustainability, saving money for other things like living your life to its fullest.

We Are 2013 New Mexico Independent Auto Dealer Of The Year

ReCARnation is proud to have been recognized as New Mexico’s Auto Dealer of the year. That means that customers and other dealers throughout the state recognize the excellent vehicles, service and customer experiences they received as reCARnation customers.  We’re confident you will too.

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ReCARnation: Your source for reconditioned used cars Albuquerque!

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